Red Dome Lava Rock has a unique personality and rough, rustic texture. It is available in a variety of natural colors. Lightweight and porous, it acts as an insulator and soundproofer while offering more coverage per ton than other stones.

Lava Rock is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including:

Decorative Boulders Available in a wide range of earthtone hues, lava boulders offer a unique and sculptured look to creative landscaping. Their low weight to size ratio enables them to be transported and placed with amazing ease. Lava boulders are the new preference among waterfall sculptors, make excellent feature rocks in creative landscaping, and are beautiful as natural art sculptures for executive and governmental office buildings. Decorative boulders are available in sizes ranging from 2 feet to in excess of 6 feet.

Lightweight Volcanic Veneer Stone   The natural texture and coloring of Volcanic veneer stone make a pleasant background for creative living spaces. These 12 to 18 inch lava rocks are sawn to create one smooth side for easy application. The porous surface has an extremely high affinity to mortar. Veneer stone can be used for feature fireplaces, interior and exterior feature walls, patios and pools, curbs and edging, and a variety of other creative applications.

Lava Wall Rock   A sister to Volcanic Veneer Stone is Lava Wall Rock, a multi-shaped lightweigh rock of a flat configuration generally between 3 and 5 inches thick. Wall rock likewise has applications of interior and exterior feature walls, fireplaces, patios, walkways, curbs, and edging.

Aquarium Lava Rocks Aquarium Are ideal and sfe for that special aquarium to highlight colors and safety drilled holes for fish to swim in and out of Aquarium lava rock. Lava Rocks vary in shape and color and come in a variety of sizes up to 24 inches.  Use of Lava Rock in this attractive fashion focuses on its attendent cracks and crevices for aquarium life to explore and provides those interesting areas of refuge. All aquariums come alive with this naturally beautiful addition.

Lava Golf and Tennis Sand Lava Golf and Tennis Sand in its varied colors compliments the natural beauty of golf courses. The pleasing color contrast helps golf balls stand out in sand traps and pathways. The natural gritty and abrasive quality of Lava Golf Sand also makes it ideal for surfacing tennis courts and walkways.

Obsidian Block Aggregate   Red or black block aggregate composed of lava particles measuring less than 3/8 inch is ideal for producing light-weight building or patio blocks. Now you can have more than the strength of cinder blocks with much less weight. Coal mines favor lava blocks due to the light weight to strength ratio. Blocks made of lava aggregate also act as insulators.


For copies of State and University approved analysis and tests.  Please contact us direct at: (435) 743-8111.

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