Lava Rocks for BBQs

Natural Lava Rocks are All-Natural and Environmentally Safe.

Lava Rocks, for use in gas and electric grills, are fast becoming the order of the day for the professional chefs and for back yard BBQ.. The coal-sized, lightweight Lava Rocks are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor grills and Bar-B-Q grills.

Lava Rocks truly enhance the appearance and operation of all gas and electric grills. Aside from the decorative, aesthetic qualities, the Lava rocks retain and radiate heat well. Ideal as a bed upon which charcoal briquettes may be stacked, or place evenly above gas jets or electric elements. Heat retention of the Lava Rocks enables food to be kept warm long after the heat is turned off.

Red Dome obsidian fire briquettes are environmentally friendly. This foamed porous obsidian cannot impart any harmful chemicals to you or the environment. The briquettes have remained in their present state for over 20,000 years. Therefore, you can rely on their continued indestructible nature.

All-natural obsidian fire briquettes are a unique product, believed found in only one location in the United States in such quantity.

Available in red lava rocks, black lava rocks or mixed color lava rocks.

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