Foamed Obsidian Planters and Vases
For indoor and outdoor use.


A distinctive look for outdoor gardens, walkways & patios. Indoor use with miniature container gardens. Each is unique in color, shape and size.

Obsidian rock is porous throughout and will not hold water like other containers. The ability to absorb and retain water within the rock keeps moisture near the roots without causing root over-saturation. This feature provides the perfect planter for cacti and tropicals.

Planters come with 1, 2, or 3 holes.

Available Colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Maroon
  • Moss-growing rock


Each one-of-a-kind vase is hand-picked for its unique beauty and ornate features. Available with or without a slate base.

Our Obsidian Vases can be used indoors with silk and dried arrangements, as well as Air Ferns.  Due to their porous nature they will not hold water.

Vases come in 3 styles:

  • Cut
  • Cut & Drilled
  • Natural

Two sizes available:

  • Small (5-7 inches)
  • Large (7-10 inches)

Four Colors to Choose from:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Maroon
  • Chocolate



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