All-Natural Obsidian Ground Cover
is a unique product, believed found
in only one location in the United States in such quantity.

Colored obsidian ground cover is the perfect medium for that just right look. It is offered in bulk in many sizes and several colors, and is usually sold by the ton (One cubic yard is approximately 950 lbs.).

However, our bagged product, available in Navajo Orange and Dark Midnight Blue, is especially designed for that special need and for ease of handling. Whether it is a miniature golf course, a formal Bonsai Garden, an interior corridor, or an exterior landscape, Obsidian Ground Cover makes the statement you desire.

Obsidian Ground Cover--used where bright colors and durability are desired-- is free from weeds and mold, and is impervious to moisture damage and decay. Its durability far exceeds the various organic coverings which are prevalent on the market today, as it is effectively everlasting.  It is the same as it was over 20,000 years ago.

A unique product that started life in the depths of the earth thousands of years ago, this product is environment-friendly; and cannot leach out any harmful chemicals.  It is a totally inert, naturally foamed product especially prepared for use as a lightweight ground cover.

Available in sizes ranging from 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches.


How To Use This Product:

Flatten or press area to be beautified and place black plastic sheet over it ; then spread a uniform layer of Obsidian Ground Cover, 11/4 to 2 inches in depth. One cubic foot will treat a six square foot area at 2 inch depth; 10 square foot area at 11/4 inch depth.


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